True Life Stories


Randy Lennon is honoured to be an Executive Producer of the wide theatrical release feature film “Spinning Gold”.

Watch the Official Trailer here:

The True Life Stories Project is a slate of 9 other  original screenplays being written by accomplished writer, producer, director and industry leader Heather Hale in partnership with Randy Lennon Media.

COVID-19 has created an unprecedented supply and demand issue in the dramatic content business. Never before has such a large audience been consuming so much content while at the same time production of that content ground to a halt for over a year.

Heather Hale and Randy Lennon have formed a partnership to develop a slate of 10 “based on” True Life Story projects that are being developed  and will be taken toward production and distribution in 2024 and 2025. The True Life Stories Project uses a formula, process, and business model where Randy Lennon Media partners with the subject of a compelling true life story to take the story to the screen, whether it be a Movie of the Week on a cable network or broadcaster, a wide release theatrical feature film, or a Netflix or other streaming service movie or series.