The modern world can be extremely stressful. It feels like everyone is pulled in all directions; work, bills, confused relationships, and so on. Not only, the institutions of faith and meaning seem to have a declining influence in our society. Nothing from outside seems to have any significant impact on our lives, compounding stress and confusion. True meaningful change has to come from within or through connection to a higher power, but how do we get there? People from all walks of life have answered these amazing eight questions, and experienced wonderful awakenings and thrilling, life altering breakthroughs in the process. Such is the power of The Questions Experience. Each Questions Experience results in breathtaking breakthroughs for all involved. Through each encounter the range of emotion is from tears to laughter, anger to joy, confusion to clarity, and everything in between. There has never been more interest, appetite and demand for meaningful, aspirational content. As more and more become interested, involved in, and ready for positive change, now is the time to put this on television and contribute to a spiritual awakening that embraces both the religious and secular world.